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Mosel Vintage
Vintage 2001
There is no doubt that this was the vintage of the century, a dream vintage typical of the Mosel, with wines showing a unique filigree delicacy. The grapes were perfectly ripe and still possessed an exciting and vibrant acidity not found to this degree in other regions. For this reason, it is only right that Mosel wines should be acclaimed internationally for this unique character. The dry wines, many of which are real masterpieces, are now showing a great potential of maturation in the future. The sweet wines exhibit perfect harmony and promise youthful freshness for decades to come. In spite of the tremendous maturation potential, you should not be afraid to taste a 2001 vintage wine to remind yourself of the magic of this vintage.

Vintage 2003
Variously described as the vintage of the century or even of the millennium. The temperature was incredible 5C above the long-term average temperature of the region. Anybody who was there at the time remembers the "tropical days", 11 days in succession with temperature of above 35C, brought about by the high-pressure system "Michaela". Applying the minimum requirements of the law, maybe 99% of the harvest would have qualified as being of Auslese or higher predicate quality.

Vintage 2005
The worldwide warmest year since the beginning of weather recordings created also on the Mosel a gigantic vintage with record must weights, which on average were even higher than that of 2003. The 2003 vintage was stamped by a hot summer; whereas, the 2005 vintage was made from the autumn. The noble rot concentration was so tremendous. The high ripeness levels were in the botrytis-affected grapes for a long time. As compared with 2003, the 2005 vintage has clearly higher acidity, minerality and extract. Strengthened by the very spicy and herbaceous notes, the many impressive half-dry wines taste surprisingly dry. The dry wines have character and depth, but are limited in quantity. Finally, such a great and ample vintage can only show its full playful and aromatic spectrum in all its extravagant forms with wines containing residual sugar. From the simplest wines to the sensational choice of noble sweet wines, the unique expression of this vintage.

Vintage 2006
2006 was yet another year with weather extreme and with a harvest that caught almost everyone in Germany by surprise.

The season winter began late, in the 3rd week of January, lasting through February. A cold and wet March gave way to a slightly warmer than average April, followed by a so-so May. June was very hot and dry. The international soccer fans who visited for the World Cup learned about the "other" Germany with very hot days and pleasant, warm nights. July was very hot and even drier to the point drought symptoms started to occur in younger vineyards. July's scorching heat gave way to an unusually cool and wet August. August rain provided relief for the vines though, at the same time, laid groundwork for a fungus-friendly microclimate as soon as warm temperatures would return. The warm September temperatures stayed through October, followed by a very mild November and a much too warm December, making 2006 another year in the chain of "higher than average" weather records.

Compared with "super ripe" 2003, 2006 brought much better acidity levels at even higher Oechsle levels than 2003. Towards the end, one could watch the quantity of the vintage literally shrink while at the same time, the must weights skyrocketed. Compared to botrytis vintages of the past 5 decades, 2006 has much better acidity levels and higher sugar than 1989 or 1976 or 1959. As October progressed, the concentration process continued, botrytis reigned supreme.

Which vintage to compare 2006 with? The closest may be 1976 though that was a much different, very hot and even drier year with a different expression of botrytis. 2006 has the advantage of much better acidity plus higher ripeness while 1976 may have the edge with an "easier" noble rot.

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