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Mosel Direct Wine was born out of passion to bring the real finest German Riesling wines to China. During the past twenty years, the tremendous life style change of Chinese people has brought on the continuous fast increase of wine consumption in China. This is proved to lead to greater appreciation and consumption of fine quality wine in every other wine market in the world. However at the same time, the Chinese market is still full of over-priced, mass-produced, inferior quality wines. Therefore, we position ourselves as a direct exporter of limited production, top quality German Riesling wines produced at Mosel region in Germany, the largest and the most important Riesling production area in the world.

As a Chinese living at Zell, right at the best vineyard area of the whole Mosel region, living with my husband Andreas Weis, a son from a five-generation wine-making family, wine has been at the heart of my life. At Mosel, wine is the most important part of culture and tradition that¡¯s connected to the soil, the people, the sunlight, the slope, the other plants and even the animals that inhabit the land. The Mosel winemakers¡¯ deep respect for the tradition, as ever, is the guarantee for the quality of the wines.

We are capable of integrating our profound wine experience with thorough understanding of the Chinese market. My husband Andreas Weis grew up with some of the finest Riesling wines this world can produce. As a son from a  five-generation winery Weis Estate, which was founded by his grand grand-grandfather Peter Weis in 1810, he
always involved with wine making activities going on in the town Zell. After obtaining his degree in food science at Germany¡¯s renowned Bonn University, he achieved a PhD degree in chemical engineering. In 1997, he was authorized the qualification of attending official wine testing panel organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, the state of Rheinland-Pfalz and was invited for wine examination several times.

I have lived most of my adult life in China mixing and working with the broad swathe of Chinese society. By bringing over a decade and a half of experience running marketing departments for several multinational companies while living in China and my analytical capability from my master of science degree of UK¡¯s top university, I am able to understand how best to bring the fruits of my adopted home, to the country of my birth.

We feel that our greatest strength lies in helping you to find the most distinctive German Riesling at the best possible value no matter you are a wine lover or wholesale account such as wine dealer, restaurant or club runner. Mosel Direct Wine is not your average wine merchant. Our products cannot be readily found anywhere else in the China market. Our portfolio of wines has been developed under extreme care, so that you and your customers will be amazed. Our wines are not garden variety and never will be. Many of them are produced in as little as 200 bottles and they are here today, gone tomorrow. To us, it will always be about quality, not quantity.

There are many wine-growing area in the world which have their own special characteristics, and capable of producing exceptional wines. The trick is to separate the really dedicated and talented producers from the merely average, a trick not so easily performed because of the huge number of winemakers in Germany. You could spend a lifetime tracking down the wines that are the best. But you don¡¯t have to, because we have already done it for you. We know who can make the most delicate Riesling at Mosel and which hillsides can grow the best Riesling vines.

We spend a great deal of time on research, then visit each estate and hand-select every wine that we carry. We are proud of the personal relationships we have developed with our wineries. To us, it is important to travel to each estate that we work with, get to know the people who make the wine, and hand-select our portfolio based on our experiences. The direct interaction with the winemaker allows us to ensure that all of our wines fit within the high quality standards that we have set for ourselves. It is the direct relationship with each winemaker that has enabled us to find some very exclusive German Riesling wines and bring them to China. This is what we are most proud of and sets the benchmark for our company.

So take a few moments, browse our site, discover your palate and embark on a journey, a journey to discover the real German Riesling wine experience, the world that we are so very close to ¨C a world that we intend on sharing for many years to come.


Lucy Luo
Mosel Direct Wine

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