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  Richard Scheid Estate
2001er Riesling Eiswein, 0.375L, Mosel, Germany
Vintage: 2001
Quality Category: Riesling Eiswein
Vineyard: Burglay Felsen, Zell, Mosel
Alcohol: 10%
  Wine Description
This Eiswein is well-toned and opulent; the cashmere-like texture wraps itself around flavors of peach, melon and honey. A racy, harmonious style, intense from the beginning and full of peach, melon and honey. In the mouth, the wine is deep, pure with very nice inter-play of acidity and sweetness. Very clean dominant fruit permeate the sweetness, getting a lift from the vivid structure while vibrant acidity keeps it balanced. Though thickly textured, this finishes clean and tangy. It is excellent wine to drink with friends.
  *Please click here for the optimal drinking temperature of this wine.
Richard Scheid Estate
The winery's premier vineyard is Burglay Felsen in Zell, Mosel. Its terrior consists mainly of slates and pebble stones, which hold little water and shape vines that are deep-rooted to access water and necessary minerals. At the top of the slope lies a forest, which retains much needed moisture. During dry periods, water from the forest floor is released into the sub-soils of the vineyards below to reduce vine-stress during drought periods.

Quality not quantity matters to Richard Scheid. Through selective harvesting of the grapes, limited yields, tender care of the vines and environmentally friendly fertilization, he practices viticulture that is close to the nature.

Richard Scheid has already won many awards in both state and federal competitions and is considered at the forefront of a group of up-and-coming young Mosel vintners.

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